Service Positions

Below is a list of the District 3 service positions. If you are interested in doing service in any of these categories please contact District 3 or attend the monthly district meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. The meeting begins at 7:30 PM at Gallagher’s Banquet Hall at 513 Main Street Cairo, New York.

District 3 Committee Service Positions:

District Committee Member (DCM)

The DCM’s job is primarily that of two-way communication. The DCM gets reports from the group level through GSR.s and through contacts with the groups of the District. Duties can include:
Regularly attends all district meetings, area quarterlies, and area assemblies, holds regular
meetings for all GSRs and standing committee chairs in the District, assists in obtaining group information in time for A.A. directories, organizes workshops and/or sharing sessions on service activities, and regularly keeps in touch with the Alternate DCM.

Alternate District Committee Member (Alt. DCM)

The Alternate DCM is a backup for the regular district committee member. If the latter resigns – or for any reason is unable to serve – the alternate steps in and should be kept up to speed by the DCM on all issues pertaining to our District.

Group Service Representative (GSR)

The Group Service Representative’s duties are outlined in the linked AA pamphlet:

Treasurer / Alternate Treasurer

Treasurer is responsible for receiving, dispersing and reporting on funds for the District. These revenues are generated by donations from the groups. Funds are dispersed as directed by the District Service Committee. Duties include: maintain an accurate, balanced and up-to-date checking account, prepare a monthly treasurers report (including checking account balance, and itemization of groups donations and outgoing funds) for the District business meeting, making copies to be distributed to all voting members, provide receipts to groups for their donations.


Secretary is to maintain accurate meeting minutes of District business meetings. Duties: taking minutes of the District business meeting, typing of minutes from the business meetings, and making information available.


Archives: Receives, classifies, and catalogs all relevant material, such as administrative files and records, correspondence, and literary and artifactal works considered to have historical significance to the development of the A.A. fellowship in the area

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap arranges temporary contacts for individuals during their initial time of transition from correctional, treatment or other facilities into the community by linking those individuals to sober AA members & AA meetings.

Communications with the Professional Community

Provides information about AA to the media and to professionals in contact with those dealing with the disease of alcoholism and alcohol problems. This includes visiting, when requested, schools, doctors, community groups, businesses and others, participating, when requested, at public health fairs and certain professional and community-based meetings.
Public Information Provide accurate A.A. information to the public when requested. Committee members do this by visiting schools, businesses and community meetings. They also serve as resources for the local media, as well as offering A.A. public service announcements to radio and television stations.


Arranges for and coordinates bringing sober AA members into correctional facilities for much needed AA meetings that otherwise would be unavailable to individuals in County & State correctional facilities.

Events Planning

Event Planning provides support, coordination, planning and funding for district events and meetings such as the Alca-thons, round tables, parties, and other various AA events.


The A.A. Grapevine ( is the international monthly journal of Alcoholics Anonymous. The representative is the district contact with the Grapevine office and their purpose is to educate groups about the Grapevine, related service material, and how to obtain it. They display Grapevine materials at functions and encourage members and groups to subscribe.

District Newsletter

Responsible for timely issuance of the District’s monthly newsletter to all groups in the district and for making sure the newsletter includes useful information and the correct reporting of group & District activities.


Responsible for ensuring that information on all AA groups and group contacts / GSRs is up to date in district, so that the groups receive key AA information from the District, the Area and our General Service Office.


Works to serve AA members with special circumstances.
Treatment Arranges for and coordinates bringing sober AA members into hospitals and related facilities for much needed AA meetings that otherwise would be unavailable to individuals in these facilities.

Young People

Represents the interests, concerns, and activities for young people in recovery


Alcoholics Anonymous began with sponsorship. When Bill W., only a few months sober, was stricken with a powerful urge to drink, this thought came to him: “You need another alcoholic to talk to. You need another alcoholic just as much as he needs you!”
What is Sponsorship?

Responsibility Pledge

“I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.”

Declaration of Unity

This we owe to A.A.’s future:To place our common welfare first; to keep our fellowship united. For on A.A. unity depend our lives; and the lives of those to come.